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Why Business Always Gets in the Way

If you’re like me and you run your own business then you know it take a lot of time and effort not only to get it started, but also to keep it running at optimum. You need to generate traffic to your site, increase conversions and sales, decide on a unique marketing direction, hire freelancers, pay bills, market some more, and manage clients who are unhappy (every business gets them).

I’ve been so fantastically busy of late that, whilst I did update the blog theme on this site and make everything look all ‘nice and professional’, I didn’t quite sit down and get a few blog posts written. Things (known as business) seemed to have gotten in the way; what didn’t help as well is finding a great place for high-speed Internet when you’re travelling in Asia. (That’s a whole other blog post; the adventures are funny.)

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There’s Nothing to See At The Moment

I know, I know…. I haven’t blogged in ages, have I?


Well, I’ve just been monumentally busy. Moved across the world to Asia and thinking of how many countries I can visit by the end of 2012.


I’ll be updating the blog shortly, but my business projects have been taking quite a while.

I’ve Been Reading Money Saving Expert

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading the different areas of the Money Saving Expert, including the forum, and have found a lot of the information on there to be very interesting.  Not only are there different areas that show you how you can start saving on your everyday purchases and monthly bills, but there is also a ton of information on debt self help and living a frugal life.
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Fighting Back With The Banks

While many banks have been bailed out by the taxpayers, through one way or another, many are now making substantial profits from raising interest rates and selling accounts to other institutions.  This has been met with a number of people wanting to reclaim any unlawful charges made to their accounts over the past few years.
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