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About Me

Photo of Nick SandersWelcome to my little space on the Internet. I’m from a little town called Accrington, where the home of Accrington Stanley is, Lancashire, in the North West of England.

If you ever want to meet up with me then bribing enticing me by way of a Starbucks white chocolate mocha will always be a winner.


My Story

I’m a Lancashire lad and I love the county. At school, my heart was set on becoming a doctor and helping people get better, but after being told by a careers adviser that I wouldn’t reach the required grades I opted to work towards becoming a chef. I loved food and watching food programmes on the TV so it seemed like an ideal decision.

So off I went to college to learn how to cook and also how to manage people. It was a fun two years and I set my heart of getting a degree – I wanted to work in hotels after all.

After studying at University for what seemed like ages – completing a Bachelors in Hospitality Management and a Masters in Management, as well as working in a number of hotels, restaurants and bars, and at Disney World in Florida; an also working as a Special Constable and being in the OCT part of the Territorial Army – I set off in the real working world.

I spent quite a few years in hospitality in a management role, which covered mainly weddings, banquets and bars. But, it just didn’t seem to be me.

I’ve done quite a few sports, such as rock climbing & abseiling, kayaking & canoeing (yes, they’re different), scuba diving (which I love), sky diving, and mountaineering. There’s more, but you’d be here all day reading about them 😉

I’m currently travelling in Asia while working on my two main businesses: Proofreading and Internet Marketing. This means I’m kinda busy a lot of the day, but I’m always interested in connecting with people.


Connect With Me

There are many different places on the internet where I ‘hang out’ and share information. Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter or Google plus (or G+ feed), then I’m going to be there.

If you’re a professional, then I’m on Linked In or if you love learning about people through picture then you can find my Pinterest page here.