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Why Business Always Gets in the Way

If you’re like me and you run your own business then you know it take a lot of time and effort not only to get it started, but also to keep it running at optimum. You need to generate traffic to your site, increase conversions and sales, decide on a unique marketing direction, hire freelancers, pay bills, market some more, and manage clients who are unhappy (every business gets them).

I’ve been so fantastically busy of late that, whilst I did update the blog theme on this site and make everything look all ‘nice and professional’, I didn’t quite sit down and get a few blog posts written. Things (known as business) seemed to have gotten in the way; what didn’t help as well is finding a great place for high-speed Internet when you’re travelling in Asia. (That’s a whole other blog post; the adventures are funny.)

It is onwards and upwards though, and I’ll be popping in from time to time on the blog. Sharing my individual learnings on my little online home.

And, whilst I could harp on and say that “it’s going to be my New Year’s resolution to blog more”, I’d be lying. I don’t tend to make resolutions because I think they’re pretty fake. Why can’t you simply make a decision to change things today, right this minute, if you truly have the will and want to do it? Why does it have to wait for a month or a few weeks, until after you gorge yourself on all the greatness of Christmas and New Year celebrations? It doesn’t. I have learned from a number of people who inspire me that taking action today, this minute – even if it’s only for 5 minutes – can help you immensely. And in the proactive way that you subconscious will look at what you have done and will inspire you later.

That means I am going to blog a little more, but I’m fine with business getting in the way and ruling things for a while; after all, I love working and I spend a lot of time doing it.

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