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The Weather is getting worse

Well, after a hosepipe ban here over the last few weeks it’s strange to see that we are indeed getting a load of rain and it seems as though it doesn’t ever want to stop.  I was talking with a few friends the other day and it seemed to us that the weather in England is changing seasons – well, it seems like the summer is moving to an earlier start in the year.  As with last year, it looks as though we’ve had 4 or 5 weeks with blistering hot days and nights (well, for here up north anyway) and then it decides to rain significantly, being overcast when it isn’t, and ensuring that an overwhelming feeling of ‘glum’ is put on people.

At the moment, it feels more like autumn or spring as the bad weather seems as though it will do what it wants and continue like last year into August and September, and then into the rest of the end of the year for us all.  What must many people think when it should be ‘cracking the flags’ with the heat of the weather and it is raining so much that I’m sure the reservoirs in the North West will be brimming full in the next few weeks.

I guess now it is a wait until the new year when the snow drifts will come like this year – what fun to look forward to for all of those mums in the 4x4s taking their kids to school and being unable to drive.

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