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I’ve Been Reading Money Saving Expert

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading the different areas of the Money Saving Expert, including the forum, and have found a lot of the information on there to be very interesting.  Not only are there different areas that show you how you can start saving on your everyday purchases and monthly bills, but there is also a ton of information on debt self help and living a frugal life.

Now this information is not solely contain either on the site or on the forum, and a good rummage around will lead you to a number of different articles that have helped me to look at the different aspects of where I am spending money and where I could possibly save – in short, if you are spending any money (which is going to be, realistically, everyone), then there is going to be something for you there.

Like a lot of people, I used to be an individual who would buy an endless amount of material things, but now I am looking for a simple life – I’m not interested in the latest fashionable clothing if a shirt or t-shirt is going to set me back £60 to £90; after all, the main thing that we are doing here is making the rich even richer (the owners of the companies we buy from and the financial institutions who process the transactions).

Also, I don’t see why any person has to be loyal to a company anymore, as there are many other alternatives to everyday bills, such as your mortgage, credit card or bank provider, and there are a number of comparison sites to help you reduce the amount you pay out to energy and insurance companies.  Therefore, I think it will be onwards and upwards with this train of thought, as I have recognised that life is worth living and that the experiences that you gain are most important when looking at what you have done with your life.

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