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Getting around on public transport

After not owning a car for a number of months I really haven’t found it hard to get around, g shopping and meet friends, that is up until last week.  I wanted to go to London to meet up with some friends and found it quite easy to book a train ticket, which was a return.

It was only when I was travelling back that it struck me there would be trouble when I had travelled more than half way along the journey.  Once we had made the journey past Birmingham, I was then on my way to ‘the north’ on a bus. This was pleasant enough, but, as with all other things on the road, this resulted in a journey time that was significantly longer than if I had taken the entire journey by train.

Sometimes I simply can’t believe why, on some occasions, that I will be looking at the different times that trains are able to cover the country (sometimes as quick as 2 and ½ hours from London to Manchester) and see that it nearly took twice as long to travel on the ‘replacement coach service’ for part of the journey.

The result is that I do prefer to drive to London, but sometimes it isn’t always the best bet to get the train, and especially when you are travelling on a Sunday.  Ah well… there’s something you learn each day.

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