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Fighting Back With The Banks

While many banks have been bailed out by the taxpayers, through one way or another, many are now making substantial profits from raising interest rates and selling accounts to other institutions.  This has been met with a number of people wanting to reclaim any unlawful charges made to their accounts over the past few years.

Now, this did start with people being able to claim back any unlawful charges on their bank accounts, such as unagreed overdraft charges, charges for breaching the overdraft limit, etc.  But, this all stopped in the past few months due a court ruling on the matter that saw the fact that the banks were applying these charges meant that other people, who were not in financial difficulty and were operating their accounts in the black, would benefit from free banking in the UK.  The courts took this argument, clearly after much deliberation, and decided that the banks were entitled to do this.

The above means, for the moment, that many individuals are unable to claim these unlawful charges back, but the ruling does not affect credit cards.  Therefore, I have been reclaiming any over limit fees or late payment fees, etc from my credit card companies with interest on the amounts – after all, they have had the money and have been able to invest/lend it to other peoples, so they should I feel it is right that they pay me some recompense for it.

Also, I have been looking into claiming some PPI (payment protection insurance) that has been missold to me and I have been quote successful with my credit card companies.  Now, I didn’t use a claim firm that you will find on the TV advertising their services, as you can pretty much do it yourself with a bit of determination and some stationery.

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