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Finding A Stable Internet Connection in Asia

Poster of Internet Being Fast

Used under creative commons from haddadi

Okay, so I haven’t been to all of the countries in Asia, but I can say that the Internet and connecting is just as unreliable as the UK and Europe. The positive thing is that for the most part you’re able to connect for free; it just seems that the large corporates (like Starbucks and other international coffee houses) don’t like people logging on their connection without paying a fee.



I’ve always been a believer in hotels offering free wifi to customers staying with them. But, not a lot of hotels do this in the Western world, making it an extra revenue stream and offering a dismal connection. Not so in Asia though. Whilst you will still get the larger chains, such as Tune hotels (which I love) and Hilton etc, a lot of the smaller, independent hotels offer free wifi and it’s actually really good. I’m talking about 20mbps upload and download speeds, which you’ll be hard pushed to find in hotels in the UK; I know, I’ve worked at a few.

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