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Getting around on public transport

After not owning a car for a number of months I really haven’t found it hard to get around, g shopping and meet friends, that is up until last week.  I wanted to go to London to meet up with some friends and found it quite easy to book a train ticket, which was a return.
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The Weather is getting worse

Well, after a hosepipe ban here over the last few weeks it’s strange to see that we are indeed getting a load of rain and it seems as though it doesn’t ever want to stop.  I was talking with a few friends the other day and it seemed to us that the weather in England is changing seasons – well, it seems like the summer is moving to an earlier start in the year.  As with last year, it looks as though we’ve had 4 or 5 weeks with blistering hot days and nights (well, for here up north anyway) and then it decides to rain significantly, being overcast when it isn’t, and ensuring that an overwhelming feeling of ‘glum’ is put on people.
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Is the economy getting better?

It seems as though, well from an outsiders’ point of view, that everything is looking great in the world of finance and the economy in the UK, however, I really don’t think it is all that it seems.

Whilst there were only a few individuals who foresaw the financial crisis erupting into what it was, there were a number of individuals (including myself) who were warning that the changes in prices and buying rates, as well as the ‘covered up’ problems with subprime mortgages, was a problem that was waiting to happen.  Although, I believe no one could have predicted the outcome of what happened.
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Working on my 30 before I’m 30 list

So, I was reading some information about goals and achievements and preparing a ‘things to do before I’m a certain age’ list, which was when I was on a forum the other day.  So, I have decided that a thirty before I’m 30 list is the right way to go.  When making this list I need to think about some things that I really want to do before I turn 30 – and with it being 2 years away, I do believe I need to get my act together and sort things out to be finishing the list before my 30th birthday.
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