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Working on my 30 before I’m 30 list

So, I was reading some information about goals and achievements and preparing a ‘things to do before I’m a certain age’ list, which was when I was on a forum the other day.  So, I have decided that a thirty before I’m 30 list is the right way to go.  When making this list I need to think about some things that I really want to do before I turn 30 – and with it being 2 years away, I do believe I need to get my act together and sort things out to be finishing the list before my 30th birthday.

It does put it in perspective really, when you start to think about what you want to do (or indeed accomplish) before you reach a key milestone age in your life.  For me, one major thing will be ensuring I visit all of the different areas of the world; some of these I have been to, such as Europe and the Americas, but then there are other parts of the world, such as Australia and Asia that I really want to go and visit.  Possibly cheating here, but I have thought about eating sushi in Japan, only because I want to do something very traditional in the country, and if I aim for one key and defined points on my list then I believe I will be able to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ as they say – by eating sushi in Japan and also visiting Asia.

There are other closer and personal things that I have also included in the list, which are more personal life improvement things that will change the direction of my life for the better – well, one hopes they will.

Also, I always find that generating this type of list helps me to focus on the finer points of what I want to achieve along the way to completing things towards the ‘big goal’.  I’ve also find that these types of lists help me in other parts of my life, whether this is working in one of my businesses or being able to work out what direction a certain project is heading in, and when to correct certain things along the way.

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